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We offer a variety of headshot packages for every need.


Artist headshots are designed for actors, models, dancers, musicians, comedians, and writers. Corporate headshot packages are designed for CEOs, business professionals, company teams, doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers and all other professionals who think the first impression gets you one step closer to your definition of success. 

We will work together to capture your most expressive moments. Please take your time!! We mean it. Although each package has an approximate time limit, we don't rush our clients.  We know that a little additional time can help you to prepare for the best possible outcome.




Corporate Headshots ..............from  $175


The Standard ................................. $325


The Silver ....................................... $475


The Gold ........................................  $625



Additional look .................................$125


Additional image retouch per-image ..$75


Advance Retouch per image...........   $135


*Professional makeup service is available upon request for an additional $200. For corporate headshots, makeup service is $200 for one person or $500 for one day. 


*Non-refundable deposit of half of the rate is required to book your session. This saves the time slot available for you.

*20% of Discount for eligible students. Discounts do not apply to additional or advance retouching. 


*Rates for corporate headshots may vary according to the number of the person, location, etc. For further information please contact us. ​



Befoe every shooting, we will consult on the phone and give you the preparation guidelines for the shooting. 

If you have further questions, or you have a different project in mind, give us a call and we would love to talk about it.

Call LucidLux at  (347) 9224622

How do headshot sessions work?

During the phone consultation, we will talk about your vision, branding and what exactly you want out of the photoshoot. We will go over some basics such as posing, styling, location, and outfit. When you show up for your stunning photo shooting, you will have time to relax and get ready.  We will coach you throughout the photoshoot.


After the shooting, we will review all the images and you will select the ones you love for retouching. Within two days after the session, you will receive the full resolution high end retouched edits of your choosing. We will also send you a proof gallery of approved images in jpeg.

Will I get my full hi-res gallery?


Yes. You will get a link to download your full shoot in Hi-Res jpeg. You will not get the camera negatives in raw format.


Do the rates include professional hair and makeup?


No. We work with a makeup artist if you need to hire their services. The rate is $200 for any of the packages and  $500 per day. You are always welcome to bring your own makeup artist for just an additional $100.


We advise taking the time to have your hair and makeup professionally done before the photoshoot. Your best look gets you the most confident results from a headshot session. Makeup should be very light, only a gentle touch on your features. Casting agencies do not except eyeliners, fake eyelashes or colored lipsticks. On that note... You are the prettiest with your natural colors and gorgeous smile.


What should I wear?

For artists' headshots, solid color tops work great. Colors that compliment your skin color and in contrast to your hair color are ideal. Tank tops, solid-colored t-shirts, sweaters, button-down shirts, and jacket will work depending on the look you are after. If you are unsure, just give us a call. 


For business and corporate headshots, it depends on the company's culture and dress code. If your company has a casual dress code, wear what reflects your amazing personality the most. Try to choose solid-colored outfits. If your company has a formal dress code suit jacket with a collarless top works best for women. a suit with a tie and buttoned-down shirt is great for men.


Where is LucidLux?


We are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Right off to the L train Morgan stop.

How can I pay? 

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Cash, Paypal, Venmo. LucidLux does not accept eChecks. 

Can I pay after we’re done?

Yes. You can pay your remaining balance when your photo shooting is done in whichever way you want. A deposit is required during booking your session because your deposit reserves your time slot. Without a deposit, we cannot guarantee the time slot you need.

What if I need to cancel?

No worries, things happen. We will reschedule your session. If you cancel within 48-hours of your session, you’ll receive full credit for your next session. LucidLux does not offer refunds.

How can I cancel?

You can send us an email, or a text message within 48-hour of your session. 


Sometimes casting agencies will ask you to submit your audition online. Sometimes actors want to rehearse on-camera before an important audition to be more prepared. 

For online submissions, you have limited time to impress the jury. That's why you want your audition taping to be done professionally, so you can focus on your acting. We will provide a safe space and handle the lighting and recording for you, while you focus on your role. You will have unlimited takes within your appointment time.

Depending on how many pages you need to tape and many takes you’re asked to submit for each scene, the time you need might change. We advise you to come prepared before taping, therefore we can focus on achieving your best take. If you need to extend your session, it is usually possible but not guaranteed. Depending on how much extra time you need, additional fees may apply.


For editing and uploading, please bring the casting director's instructions for labeling and sending. 

We’ll edit and upload your files the next day after the session. 

The reader is provided upon request for $25 per hour. Please let us know before your session. You are welcome to bring your own reader. We don't offer a teleprompter but cue cards are definitely possible. 

Please note that professional music recording is not available in LucidLux studios. If your scene requires singing without amplifiers it sure is possible. 


30 minutes ............... $65.00


45 minutes ............... $85.00


60 minutes ............... $120.00


*Additional taping time can be requested at $40 per half-hour.

​*Additional uploads for $15 per upload.

If your takes are in separate video files or uploaded in different video services such as Backstage, Casting Networks, CastItTalent, YouTube or Vimeo.

*Express turnaround within 2 hours is available for a $25  fee. 

*The cancellation policy applies. ​

Do you edit reels? 

Yes, we do. Please check the details and packages here




Every client has different needs when it comes to food photography. You can book a free consultation. We would love to hear about what type of photo shooting you need. 


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